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Religious Iconography: Gender Remix

I am constantly fascinated by the simplistic and often vague gender representation in religious iconography. As a young child I often would stare up at statues of the Virgin Mary and of a stigmatized Jesus Christ and think of the soft facial features, non-descript body structure and highlighted defining details. Sexualizing aside it appeared that the general obvious distinguishing features of man/woman, masculine/feminine were terrifically blurred for the sake of not ambiguous gender representation but more or less for the artistic visual dialect of mono-theistic Christian artisans. Delightfully so, such reverence is often taken into consideration even if perhaps it is merely stumbled upon commentary of gender theory. With this notion it warms my heart and grays my gender spectrum even more so when contemporary artists take their own ideals of such theory and drive them into artistic inspiration.

This beautiful piece of art included a faux gold- detailed frame and the holographic remix of the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ. Placed ornately over the toilet in the bathroom of the rad Austin, TX tattoo/piercing shop Shaman Modifications Tattoo and Piercing, this piece of art often would surprise the unsuspecting bathroom visitor by a simple hologram that depicted the Virgin Mary on one angle and then a holographic version of Jesus Christ in another angle.

Of course I choose to stand right in the center where the true remix happened: a perfect outline of a blurred religious icon devoid of any specific gender. My favorite.

The Virgin Mary

Jesus Christ


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