a four letter word called sex: Northern Voice 2010

hello there.

this is a petition of sorts. a petition for challenge. a petition for inspiration. a petition for change. a petition for sex. at least the visibility of it within the tech/blogging community. it is sad for the idea of sex, and all of its wonderful manifestations, is often neglected when it comes to major conferences that revolve around new media, the internet and all things technological. as a complimentary resource for visibility, the sexual side of the internet has spawned separate conferences where its inclusiveness around sex and technology is the main and only focus.

i want to change all of this. at least for the internet community in vancouver.

my proposed panel for Northern Voice 2010 around sex and technology was accepted for the main schedule of the blogging conference. this proposal came reflexively from attending last year’s conference and really paying witness to the non-existent discussion in, almost utter avoidance, of sex in all of the main tracks of discussion. i felt this needed to be present in this year’s conference in order for a healthy balanced perspective to be achieved around blogging and the internet.

when my panel got accepted i immediately asked four of my dear friends to speak on the panel with me. Courtney Trouble, Jiz Lee, Dylan Ryan and the Control Enthusiast are all vital compenents to the potential depth of knowledge that my panel can attest to. each of these amazing people has a strong interest in sex, identity, the internet and the culture that revolves around all three. each of them would bring a different prespective to the discussion, specifically ones’ that Northern Voice may not have had the previous pleasure of presenting.

vancouver needs this type of diversity, fierce presence, open sexuality and fusion of online identity. i want to be able to bring all if not some of it to my panel presentation with it bleeding into the existence of the conference as a whole. vancouver needs this.

my petition:

dylan ryan’s submission for the Northern Voice 2010 Travel Scholarship:

the control enthusiast’s submission for the Northern Voice 2010 Travel Scholarship:
Spending Time with Sexy Brains

jiz lee’s submission for the Northern Voice 2010 Travel Scholarship:
Northern Voices

here are the lovely ones i have been talking about:

JP Robichard - nextMEDIA 2009

the control enthusiast
control enthusiast on twitter
control enthusiast website

photo by Courtney Trouble

dylan ryan
dylan ryan on twitter
dylan ryan website

photo by Courtney Trouble

courtney trouble
courtney trouble on twitter
courtney trouble website

photo by Courtney Trouble

jiz lee
jiz lee on twitter
jiz lee website

thank you. the non-visibility of sex is coming to an end.

(photo of the control enthusiast by Kris Krüg)



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2 responses to “a four letter word called sex: Northern Voice 2010

  1. Where do I sign? I am viewing this on a “family” computer so I can’t spend a lot of time viewing things that are NSFW ironically.

  2. fiercekitty

    i wish you could sign! the petition is more a vocalization of support for the kitties above to receive travel scholarships to the Northern Voice 2010 conference.

    i wish you could be apart of it! you would be purrfect.

    meow. heart you.

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