femme manifesto: the remix of me

I have many names. The one that matters the most is the one that I respond to.
I am a quantum femme. Challenging the proposition of femininity with my every step, I can be everywhere and nowhere in the same second. I leave a track in the dirt which marks that I have indeed touched the earth. The moment the wind takes it away does not lessen the moment it existed.
I am a fluid creature, ever adapting to my own personal existence. I cannot be pinned to futile labels that concretely identify the essence of me for one second. I must stand open in my own being to move freely.
I have skills that are ever evolving as I grow. Some are defined by conventional standards and those I track for remembrance and referral. Some of my skills are unspoken for and manifest in the moments that they are needed. These skills I must wholeheartedly trust in for they lay undefined but still just as powerful as those defined.
I am in the now because I am with myself. I like myself because I love myself. I love myself because I like myself.
I am grateful for my life just as I am grateful for the lives I encounter daily, and the lessons I learn from their lives. I can teach people by merely being myself. I am the muse I have always looked for.
I have natural gifts and I should hold dearly to those only for the sake of remembering to give them away. If I lose sight of the gifts I have and do not foster their growth, they are worthless for their gift to give away is often overlooked and forgotten.
I must never forget my sorrows and my sadness because they strengthen me when my happiness and joy is present. My emotions are the seasoning as to how I taste my life. It is not always bitter just as it is not always sweet.
I feast upon myself so that I can be the sustenance to others. I am full of life because I have breath. I am not my thoughts for my thoughts are merely a guide as to what my actions may be. My thoughts do not define my footsteps.
I can manifest the action of love by not only carrying love but emerging in love and swimming in it. Love can be fierce with sharp claws, but it is still love. I can be all of these emanations without losing the sense of action.
I manifest what I want in my life. Sometimes looking into the filter of my imperfections I may manifest the unpleasant and the unwanted but surely I must understand that I am not any less powerful. My manifestations are still my manifestations and I must relish in the complete action of such power. I can choose at any moment how I feel and what I do. Sometimes I need to choose the unpleasant and unwanted to know that I can choose the pleasant and the dearly wanted. I own everything I manifest.
The light I have in my life comes from the darkness it has grown in. I do not shy away from my dark hidden corners. I rejoice that I have such places to learn in, such haunts to grow from and such comfort that I may return at a moment’s notice. I am not afraid of such places. The only fear I have in my life is pulled from the gravity of the unknown. The unknown is simply such, unknown. I not know of its gravity or its defiance, so such is the fear that escapes there. I know fear as merely a hinderance to jumping. My fear of falling is merely a misplaced perspective of wanting to fly.
The only living death I shall know is the death of my dreams. The upmost importance should be forth put into maintaining a sense of freedom in dreaming. I can dream up any possibility, any ability, any adventure, anything. The first step is believing I have the freedom to dream. The only one who can take away such a freedom is myself.
I am impossible and in charge of my own possibility. I can be anything I want to be. The expansive universe does not exist outside for it is merely a region that exists inside me. I expand infinitely. I am the bright star of the sun, soon to burn out at the end of a very long line. I am the fierce light of the moon, silently playing many roles. I am the gravitational pull, drawing my manifestations towards me with force. I am the stars that line the way for myself and others to journey along safely.
I am the mother and child before they have separated.
I am the electric space between two lovers’ lips just before the first touch.
I am the softness of the wind that carries the sunlight upon its back, heavy and effortless.
I am the goddess particle: splintered, dented, bruised and multiplied.
I am a quantum femme.



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3 responses to “femme manifesto: the remix of me

  1. uhm.

  2. “The only living death I shall know is the death of my dreams. […] The first step is believing I have the freedom to dream. The only one who can take away such a freedom is myself.”


    I love this quote by Thomas E. Lawrence, “All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible.”

    Quantum Femme, Good luck and have a fun journey.

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